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Teaching for the future

Robotics kits, app, and lesson plans that make teaching code simple.

Your ready-to-use educational toolkit

Robotics kits

We’ve put together perfect sets of robot building blocks with sounds, lights, sensors, and more so you have everything you need to start teaching the kids how to code.

Curriculum resources

We know how long it takes to prepare lessons. So we’re here to give you a little push with a ready-to-go cross-disciplinary curriculum, lesson plans, training, and more.

Coding app

The Robo Wunderkind app allows kids aged 5-14 to control their robots while learning to code and engage with tech in a fun & playful way.

Teacher training and support

Teaching something new like coding can be challenging; the Robo Wunderkind team is here to guide you if you want any help along the way.

Robotics kits to choose

24 blocks & parts
Education kit
Standard Education kit. Includes the Main Block, motors, lights, sensors and connectors: everything you need for a quick start.
15 blocks & parts
Education Extension kit
This is an upgrade to the standard Education kit. Includes a LED Display and advanced sensors. Doesn't include the Main Block.

Code and control

Our companion app is designed for different age groups and learning styles that adapt to every classroom.

Robo Live level


Robo Code level


Robo Blockly level

Explore the app

Resources and training

We know that educators are busy, which is why we offer support through live introductions, lesson plans, training, videos, and more.

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Beyond the classroom

Robo Wunderkind is used for teaching in many ways and scenarios.

Immersion and Dual language programs
Enrichment programs
After school activities

Watch the kids learn 21st-century skills

Robo Wunderkind develops kids’ cognitive and metacognitive skills.

Problem solving

Robo Wunderkind teaches kids to see the flip side of a problem – a challenge they can’t wait to tackle. Challenges close to real-life allow them to figure it out on their own by trying over and over again.

Learning Math

A lot of kids struggle with math because it’s too abstract. Coding allows children to visualize and interact with math principles instead of only seeing them on a sheet of paper and can put the numbers to work.

Cooperative play

Robo Wunderkind teaches kids that their peers are teammates instead of competitors. By joining forces, they are bound to come up with the best project or solution, teaching them vital communication & negotiation skills.

Creative thinking

With Robo Wunderkind, you can build, code and control anything you can imagine; unlocking kids’ creativity in unforeseeable ways. Instead of following a set of instructions, the kids can explore and see their creations come to life.

Design thinking

Dissecting a problem, brainstorming a solution, testing to see what works, and choosing the best solution. Coding encourages design thinking by requiring imperfect solutions that are easy to implement.

Computer science

Tech isn’t going anywhere. So the sooner the kids know how to use it positively and responsibly – the better. Robo Wunderkind teaches your students coding, how systems and computers work, and much more.

What teachers using Robo Wunderkind have to say

We’ll let the teachers do the talking.

Megan Smith
Library Media Specialist, Kenneth Coombs School, MA, USA

I am so excited to use Robo Wunderkind for centers in my elementary school library. The bright colors, lights, sounds, and large pieces are ideal for my prek-2 students. The ability to use bricks with the robots will allow me to incorporate robotics, coding, and literature in my lessons.

Jahaira Ortiz
Pre-K Teacher/ Coding Facilitator for Pre-K-1, Thomas Jefferson School, NJ, USA

I've been facilitating a coding club at my school for Pre-K and Kindergarten students thus I've been looking for educational materials that can help my students learn about computer science while engaging in hands-on-activities. Robo Wunderkind is a great addition to our club since it promotes collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Marc Faulder
Apple Distinguished Educator and Early Years Teacher, Nottingham, UK

Robo Wunderkind is a practical, hands-on resource for children of all ages. It teaches so much more than just coding. I am seeing design thinking, evaluation, critical thinking skills develop in my young learners.

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