Getting Started – Robo Live

  1. Robo Wunderkind Apps basics.
  2. Creating a new project.
  3. Canvas, sidebar, and icons.
  4. Adding and arranging control elements.
  5. Exiting and saving your project.

To complete this tutorial you will need:

  • 1x Main Block 
  • 2x Motors
  • 1x RGB Light
  • 2x Universal Connectors

Turn the Main Block on and connect to the App. 

Robo Wunderkind Apps basics.

Both Robo Wunderkind Apps are structured in the same way. At the bottom of the screen there are 3 tabs:

My Robo. This screen is dedicated to your robot. It shows you the battery status, the name, connected blocks, etc.

Robo Workshop. Here you can find some pre-programmed projects with interactive building instructions.

My Projects. Here is where your projects are stored.

Creating a new project.

Go to My Projects tab and tap on the card with a “+” icon to create a new project. 

Canvas, sidebar, and icons.

Once you start a new project you begin with a clean canvas. On the right side, you can see the icons. These icons represent the available control elements you can use to build the dashboard. More icons will be available as you connect more blocks.

Adding and arranging control elements.

To add the control elements to the board, grab the icon from the side menu and drag it onto the canvas. You can place and arrange the elements in any order.

After you placed your element press Play to activate the control. Now your device serves as a remote control for your build. Push buttons to activate different sounds.

Press Stop to go back to edit mode. 

To delete an element drag it back to the side menu.

Add the RGB Light to your build. You will notice that the additional control elements will become available in the side menu.

Add the RGB Light control. Press play and try it out.

Connect the motor and add the motor control to give your robot some movement. Press Play and give it a try.

Some controls require multiple modules attached. If you have two or more motors connected, in addition to the individual sliders for each motor, you will unlock the Joystick and Tilt Control elements to control all motors at once. 

Add them to the canvas and give them a try. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have two or more motors connected you might need to specify the position of each motor (left or right). Otherwise, the direction of the controls might not match the direction of the movement.

Exiting and saving your project.

Press the “<-” button to exit and save your project to the library.